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Exact Infinity is very well accepted among professionals. It works unlike the other Exact PipeCut models: using a chain type of gripping mechanism. Thanks to the flexibility of the chain segments, it allows you to extend the chain segment gripping unit as much as you like. Minimum outside diameter is 360 mm (14″), maximum size is practically limitless. The standard chain set allows cutting up to 1800 mm diameter.

Exact Infinity is for cutting wide range of pipe materials with different blades: steel, stainless steel, plastics, cast/ductile iron.

In addition, Infinity can cut and bevel cast iron: Special blade guard and disc for this purpose is standard equipment in Infinity Cut+Bevel model. Infinity Plus model allows constant feed with power drill connection.

A cutting depth adjustment mechanism  makes it possible to cut pipes at desired cutting depths. This mechanism allows cutting multi-layer pipes. The feature can be used on any pipe materials as needed. The depth adjustment is standard equipment only in Cut+Bevel and Plus models.

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