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June 21, 2023 | Blog

PipeCut V800 Product Launch

Exact PipeCut V800 replaces the old V1000 model We wanted…
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June 19, 2023 | BlogNews

Paul E. Magistro appointed as Chief Executive Officer for Exact Pipe Tools Inc

Paul E. Magistro has been appointed…
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May 29, 2023 | BlogNews

Infinity is available in three different models – choose the best for your needs!

We are excited to announce the latest updates and current…
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May 3, 2023 | Blog

Exact Tools is investing in its sales organization to strengthen the market position and to ensure high customer service

We are delighted to announce exciting news for Exact Tools…
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April 11, 2023 | Blog

Exact Battery Pipe Saws – At Exact we are used to cut the pipe, but now we cut the cord!

We are excited to finally introduce the new way to…
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April 8, 2022 | Blog

How to choose the right Exact blade?

Table of Contents A brief…
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April 28, 2021 | Blog

How To Cut Stainless Steel Pipes 10x (or in this case 27x) faster?

The Most Efficient Way To Cut Stainless Steel (Comparison) Cutting…
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January 27, 2021 | Blog

The New Era of Stainless Steel and Acid-Proof Steel Cutting

Stainless Steel and Acid-Proof steel pipe cutting just got easier,…
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January 8, 2021 | Blog

How to improve pipe cutting result of Exact PipeCut saws with Adjusting Wheel

How to improve pipe cutting result of Exact PipeCut saws…
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October 6, 2020 | Blog

Exact machine packages are improved and DVDs will be gradually removed

Exact machine packages and changes to the DVD-video included with operating instruction…
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