Paul E. Magistro appointed as Chief Executive Officer for Exact Pipe Tools Inc

Paul E. Magistro has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Exact Pipe Tools Inc. Exact Pipe Tools Inc., a subsidiary of Exact Tools, continues to grow and strengthen their position in the US and Canadian markets.

Since March 2021 Paul has been the National Sales Manager of Exact Pipe Tools. Paul has 25 years’ experience within the power tool industry on a national level. 

“Paul has a deep understanding of the marketplace, and what power tool companies need to thrive in a competitive marketplace,” says Marko Torronen, Managing Director of Exact Tools parent company “His vast experience and knowledge in the power tool industry are qualities our customers value. Paul has been an asset for Exact Pipe Tools since the beginning and he has been responsible for managing Major National Accounts and 14 Manufacturing Representative agencies in the United States and Canada.”


This appointment is another milestone in Exact Tools’ plans to expand business in United States and Canada.


Exact Pipe Tools Inc. offers a complete turn-key solution for customers. This includes not only the initial solution of matching the correct saw with the correct pipe, but also the after sales services such as proper blade application, spare parts availability, warranty, and technical support. “Our aim is to be a reliable partner for our customers and enhance our value proposition towards our customers with the most efficient and safest solution to cut pipe. Paul is the right man to ensure that we keep improving the business, give the best support to our customers and lead our growth in the North American division”, says Marko Torronen.


“I am excited to be promoted as Chief Executive Officer and to continue my career with the Exact family. I am looking forward to expanding the North American market with our innovative pipe cutting system. There are several ways to cut a pipe on the job site, but the Exact Pipe Saw does it quicker, safer, and more accurately. I look forward to expanding the Exact Pipe Tool brand in the next five years. More importantly, I am happy to stand behind a product that helps users work in the safest manner possible, so they go home as healthy as they began the day.” 


Exact Tools Oy was founded in 1993 in Helsinki, Finland. Today their Headquarters remains in Helsinki along with an office in the USA. It began as a thought and ended with an invention. – The multi-award winner Exact concept started from the end users’ needs and was developed so our customers could cut pipes accurately, safely, and quickly on the job site. Having a tool that is lightweight and portable added to the convenience. Previously the most popular cutting method involved a portable handheld grinder which limited the speed, accuracy, and safety.

Our goal is to continually improve the customer experience by equipping them with better pipe cutting tools that make them safer and more productive. Now 20+ years later Exact Tools has developed, and continues to develop, countless solutions to bring more advanced products to pipe cutting and beveling with numerous applications that span 1” -200” pipes of all types of materials.

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