PipeBevel Tip (set, 3 pcs)

PipeBevel Tip for Exact PipeBevel 220E & 360E

Compulsory accessory for Exact PipeBevel 220E and 360E beveling machines, or more specifically, for the separately supplied Exact Cutting Head.

Exact PipeBevel Tip comes in a set of 3 pcs that are intended for all the slots of Exact Cutting Head. The tips are suitable on all different options of cutting head (30°, 37.5° and 45°).

Each bevel tip has 4 cutting edges to rotate once becoming blunt. Thanks to this, you will have a prolonged beveller blade tip life.

The bevel tips are suitable for pipe materials steel, stainless steel and acid-proof steel.

Compulsory accessory for Exact PipeBevel 220E/360E

This product is to be ordered separately with the new pipe beveling machines.



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