Sami Ojamo appointed to CEO and Marko Törrönen to CTO

Sami Ojamo has been appointed as the CEO of Exact Tools Oy, a company that manufactures pipe cutting systems for professional use, effective from January 1, 2024. Sami Ojamo was previously serving as the Global Sales Director of the company. The company is seeking to expand its business by offering a comprehensive range of products to pipe professionals through its network.

Marko Törrönen, the previous CEO, will now serve as the Chief Technology Officer, responsible for product development and research, according to his own wishes.

 “I took the leadership of the company with enthusiasm. During 2023, I formed a clear picture of how we can serve our customers more comprehensively and better. Exact Tools now has an excellent core team with diverse expertise to maintain and develop our strong operations. We stand out in the demanding playing field as we take into account the needs of different market areas on a customer-specific level,” says Sami Ojamo, who has a diverse leadership history. “I also want to thank Marko Törrönen for how the company has taken a new direction and momentum to build even better products and develop sales. Marko’s greatest expertise lies in product development and designing new models, as well as increasingly demanding certification requirements, and their importance to the company’s success cannot be emphasized enough,” Sami Ojamo continues.

 At the same time, the company welcomed Kalle Kalaja as the product manager. In his new role, he has several different areas of responsibility, but the most important is to ensure top-notch support for the reseller network, provide clear instructions and videos for users, and ensure that post-market operations are also in top shape. “Kalle is an excellent addition to our team, and with Kalle’s help, we can ensure that our value proposition to customers is fulfilled: YOU ALWAYS GET THE EXACT EXPERIENCE. After all, we aim to be the industry benchmark for portable pipe saws” says  Marko Törrönen, Kalle’s supervisor.

Appearance in the picture from left: Sami Ojamo, Marko Törrönen, Kalle Kalaja


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