Exact machine packages are improved and DVDs will be gradually removed

Exact machine packages and changes to the DVD-video included with operating instruction manual.

Exact machine packages

Our products are of high quality and they are intended for demanding conditions. They are meant to endure all normal wear and tear and do not break easily unless misused. We want the same standards for our machine packages.

The carton boxes we used previously were durable, but were still occasionally damaged during the transportation. After all, our machines are being delivered worldwide and the distances may be extremely long.

Sometimes accidents or crashes just happen, and there is nothing to do except to ensure that the package is as good as possible.

As good as possible, now we can finally say that about our machine packages.

The new carton box used is extremely thick and is designed to bear the challenging long journeys all the way from our warehouse to your delivery address. This is not a completely new thing, as we have already been using such packaging for our Pro Series and AIR models (although these were also reinforced along the way), but the new thing is that we are now going to gradually apply this to all of our machines, even to the smaller and older product models.

As mentioned, this is due to happen gradually.

Changes to the DVD-video included with operating instruction manual

Another announcement is about the DVD-video that is included with the operating instruction manual.

It’s year 2020 and seldom people view DVDs any more. In fact, most of the modern laptops – and even many modern desktop PCs – are dropping disc drives. This added to the feedback we have received from our customers about the unnecessity of DVDs, we have finally decided to gradually exclude these from the shipping content. 

The DVD content exclusion has been updated to our manuals on our website: https://exacttools.com/mediabank/manuals-spare-parts-service-drawings/

Also, all of our available videos (instructional, commercial and others) can be viewed on our website’s product pages

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