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Where can I buy and what are the prices?

We sell mainly through our distributors. When you want to buy, please contact us by filing the form below of this page.

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How fast do you ship?

The shipping normally takes 1-5 working days depending on where you are located at. Also, most of our distributors have a local stock and thus the delivery is fast. Please contact us for more information.

Why should I choose EXACT pipe saw or beveler over some other method?

Exact pipe saws and bevelers have superior benefits compared to many other methods. If you are looking for extremely high-quality cutting result, fast cutting speed, user-friendliness, easiness, portability, awesome design, and technical functionality with multi-award prizes – Exact is the way to go.

And, did we mention safety yet? Knowingly there are no reported cases of serious (or even minor) injuries caused by Exact products.

On top of all this, Exact machines are designed for a wide range of pipes and for almost all pipe materials, making sure that most, if not all of your pipe cutting needs are being met.

For more information about EXACT pipe cutting and beveling concept, please click here.

What makes an Exact machine so special?

The gripper unit is patented, and it is the key to the end results: accurate and smooth cuts. The gripper unit is made of extruded aluminum, it is precision-machined, and includes 11 axles.

Aluminum is used thanks to its durability and strength.

The design ensures that the pipe to be cut is positioned correctly and remains that way throughout the cutting. In addition to ensuring the correct positioning, it guarantees an extremely easy usability for you.

What does the ‘Pro Series’ mean?

Exact Pro Series machines are meant for more demanding pipe cutting conditions. The machines are technically more advanced, and while fundamentally being similar to our general pipe saws, the Pro Series machines have more power to cut larger and thicker pipes.

Also, there are exclusive features that make pipe cutting easier and more convenient. For more information about the Pro Series machines, please browse our product category by clicking here.

What pipe sizes can I cut?

You can cut steel, stainless steel and cast iron pipe sizes (outside diameter) of 15 mm – 460 mm (0.6”- 18”).

You can cut plastic (and other soft materials) pipe sizes (outside diameter) of 15 mm – 1000 mm (0.6” – 39.4”).

Exact Infinity uses a chain type of gripping mechanism.  Thanks to this innovative method, the boundaries of pipe cutting diameter limitations are no longer an issue.

Thus, you can cut all common pipe sizes from small to large. The cutting capacities vary depending on our Exact pipe saw model.

We have pipe saws that can cut small, medium, and large pipes. Then there are models that are intended only for smaller pipes.

The best all-around cutting capacity is provided by e.g., the model ‘Exact PipeCut 460 Pro Series’ which has a cutting range for pipe diameters of 100 mm – 460 mm (4”- 18”). This model is a heavy-duty pipe saw suitable for all the common pipe materials.

For more information about product-based capacities, please click here.

What is the max. pipe wall thickness that can be cut?

The max. wall thickness varies on the pipe material to be cut, machine model and whether using European model (230V) or US (120V) model.

e.g., with PipeCut 360 and 460 Pro Series machines (EU model) you can cut steel and stainless steel and cast iron pipes of wall thickness up to 20 mm / 0.78” with European model.

e.g., with PipeCut 360 and 460 Pro Series (US model) you can cut steel and stainless steel and cast iron pipes of wall thickness up to 12 mm / 0.5” with European model.

Both of the above models are also capable of cutting plastic pipes with wall thickness of 50 mm / 2.0”

For more information about the max. wall thickness cutting capacities, please browse our product category by clicking here.

Can I cut all pipe materials?

Yes, you can cut all most common pipe materials with Exact pipe saw. The model must be correct to your needs, but many of our universal machines can cut all pipe materials, while we have a few specially designed saws only for some specific applications. The key to being able to cut all pipe materials is within changing the correct blade to the machine as per your needs. We supply separately a wide range of specifically designed blades.

You can cut the most common pipe materials:

Is it possible to cut a pipe horizontally (such as pipe piles)?

Yes, it is possible. If performing this task, two things are critical:

  1. The weight of the pipe above the cutting point must be considered.
  2. Supporting pieces must be installed into the cutting gap. Otherwise, the blade will be stuck towards the end of the cutting.

Will the cut result really be accurate & square?

Yes it will. All machines are tested in the factory before delivery. Max allowed crosscutting is +/- 0,4 mm.

Where can I use EXACT machines?

Exact machines can be used almost anywhere, since in most countries they are approved for indoor use – for example, as compared to angle grinders, the fire hazards are substantially lesser.

How many cuts can I make with one blade?

This depends on many different factors. It is almost impossible to predict the durability of a certain type of a blade. How long the blade will last depends on, among other things:

  • Pipe material
  • Pipe wall thickness
  • Pipe diameter
  • The feeding speed while cutting
    And naturally, the blade type itself

Naturally, the user’s experience, and working habits also influence the durability of the blade.

Can I cut cast iron/ductile cast iron pipes with a TCT or CERMET saw blade?

No, unfortunately not. You might be able to get some cuts done, but the blade will not last long.

Can I cut stainless steel pipe with a diamond disc?

No. It will be either impossible or extremely difficult. The cutting result will be poor, and the pipe will most likely melt, causing excessive smoke around the cutting point. Furthermore, the diamond disc will be destroyed and unusable afterwards.

For stainless steel pipe cutting, please choose a correct saw blade such as CERMET or INOX.

Where can I repair my EXACT machine?

In repair related matters you can contact:

Kay-Dee Tools
5466 Lake Court
Cleveland, OH 44114
tel. 216-881-2565

Tool Service Inc.
4495 W Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
tel. 702-734-9161


If you suspect that your machine has became unusable due to material or manufacturing defect, please read our warranty terms by clicking here.

The blade I use went dull too soon or the tooth fractured

Blade went dull too fast? Some of the reasons are:

  1. The saw blade was incorrect for the pipe material. For example, the more of general use saw blades are not extremely good for challenging stainless steel pipe materials. Usually you can cut these with for example TCT blade, but the amount of cuts will be minor. You can always check our blades page by clicking here or contact us with your specifications and we will help you further.
  2. The feeding speed of pipe cutting is incorrect. Try to stabilize and find the “middle ground”, not to too fast, not too slow.

Blade’s tooth fractured? there can be several reasons to this:

The most common being that the selected blade was not suitable for the pipe that caused the blade tooth to fracture. For difficult pipe cutting materials, the blade must be selected correctly.

The above is not helpful? Please click here for further guidelines

Can I re-use my saw blade by sharpening it?

Yes, the TCT and Cermet blades can be sharpened 2-3 times. The sharpening can be performed in a professional sharpening facility.

What is the life expectancy of Exact machines?

Exact machines are designed to be long-lived and easy to maintain. It is quite usual for machines commissioned ten years ago to be still in daily use. Proper handling and maintaining is the key to machine longevity.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, all our machines are granted with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. For more information about the warranty and terms, please click here.

Can I cut an uneven pipe surface?

Yes and no. This depends on two things:

  1. The pipe needs to be able to rotate and the surface must be even at the points where it is being supported by our Exact pipe supports (pipe supports are accessory tools to hold and rotate the pipe, provided with most of our pipe cutting and beveling machines).
  2. The cutting point of pipe must not be significantly uneven. The more uneven it is, the worse the cutting result will be or altogether impossible to cut.

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