Exact Tools Pipe Cutter vs The Angle Grinder

If this were a boxing match the fight would have been stopped, and not just because Exact Tools are in a different league but because the angle grinder is drawing blood.

Unfortunately, that is most likely your blood!

The fact is the angle grinder is one of the most dangerous power tools being used onsite today. Actually, if you include the incidents of DIY injuries it causes then really it should have been banned a long time ago.

Most injuries from angle grinders are from metal debris lodging in an operator’s eye. The most serious injuries are from kick-back where the disc is thrust back violently. Most importantly, because angle grinders are designed for grinding and not cutting, the risk of serious injury is much greater.

– The angle grinder is the main cause of onsite fires
– The slow cutting process causes the material to heat up
– Disks wear out very quickly
– It doesn’t cut all materials (such as plastics)
– It produces loud noise; heavy vibrations; pollution; showering sparks

In contrast Exact Tools offer a range of unique products that enable the working life of the professional tradesman to be as easy, comfortable and safe as possible.

Exact Tools have been designed based on three objectives:
– They should be Portable
– They should be Efficient, and above all
– They should be Safe!

Exact Pipe Cutters

… cut everything from steel and cast iron, to multi-layered materials and plastics
… produce no sparks or dust making it very safe
… have a gripping feature provides ultimate stability
… are light weight and comfortable to use, removing the risk of stress-related injuries
… are portable and ready to use at any onsite facility
… are fast and efficient saving you time and money


Exact Tools – when you realise what they can do, there is no comparison!

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