Exact PipeBevel 360E System

Pipe Beveler Machine For Steel & Stainless Steel Pipes

The Exact PipeBevel 360E is a portable and easily transportable pipe beveller that produces continuous good results for on-site pipe beveling applications. With this machine you will make easy, fast and consistent bevels to a variety of pipe materials of steels and stainless steels.

The set-up is fast and simple. The clean and user-friendly design makes it fast to mount on pipe sizes from 4.33” to 14.17” and up with a maximum wall thickness of 0.39”.

The built-in stopper feature enables and makes it easy for the operator to make similar additional bevels to the same pipe outside diameter. This reduces the cycle times dramatically and ultimately improves the workflow.

The cutting heads to the PipeBevel 360E are available in the most used bevel angles (30°, 37.5° and 45°). It is also possible to make different ‘tailored’ bevel angles if required. The cutting head is to be ordered separately due to the required varying bevel angle.

The cutting head of the beveller has 3 cutting tips, each of them having 4 cutting edges to rotate once becoming blunt. Thanks to this, you will have a prolonged beveller blade tip life. The cutting tips are also ordered separately.

The user interface of the machine is similar to Exact pipe saws, which makes it easy for the operator to adapt after cutting a pipe with any Exact pipe saw.

  • Suitable for pipes of steels and stainless steels.
  • Suitable for pipe sizes 4.33” to 14.17” and up with a wall thickness of 10.39”.
  • Does not create flames or sparks.
  • External cutting head is available in three bevel angles (30°, 37.5° and 45°).
  • Easy, fast and consistent bevels.
  • Fast and simple set-up.


Standard equipment:

  1. PipeBevel 360E beveler
  2. Shoulder bag
  3. Pipe support x 2
  4. Instructions
  5. Allen key 5mm

Not included, ordered separately

  1. Exact Cutting Head
  2. Exact PipeBevel Tips

Technical specification

Pipe cutting capacity (OD)

4“ to 15“ (110mm – 360mm)

Max. wall thickness

0.39” (10mm) Steel

Pipe material

Aluminum, Stainless/Inox steel, Steel

No-Load speed

3500 – 8000 r/min


9.2 Amps (110-120 V)

Blade holder diameter

48 mm (1.89”)

Different bevel angles

30° | 37,5° | 45°


24.7 lbs (11.2 kg)

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