Exact PipeCut 360 INOX

Long-awaited Exact PipeCut 360 INOX
The long-awaited INOX pipe saw, developed based on customer wishes, is specifically targeted at stainless and acid-resistant pipe materials.

To avoid contamination, all parts in contact with the pipe are also made of stainless steel, so you can work with the most challenging materials without fear of subsequent corrosion on the pipe wall. Have thick pipes been problematic in the past? Not anymore! With a powerful motor this tool can easily cut pipes up to 15 mm wall thickness. This machine combined with the new INOX blade is unbeatable combination if you are looking for an easy-to-handle cutter for a job where speed and quality of cuts are key factors.

The price includes

1. Exact PipeCut System Shoulder Bag
2. Exact PipeCut 360 INOX Series with INOX 140 saw blade pre-installed
3. Pipe Cutting supports 1 + 2 pcs
4. Operating instructions
5. Allen key 2 pcs (5 mm and 2 mm), attached to saw


Technical specification

Pipe material

Acid-resistant steel, Stainless steel

Pipe cutting capacity (OD)

3” to 14” (75mm – 360mm)

Max. wall thickness

0.5” (12 mm) Steel / 120V, 0.6” (15 mm) Steel / 230V, 2” (50 mm) Plastic

Voltage / Power

230 V = 2500 W | 110 – 120 V = 2200 W

Voltage / Current

110 –120V/50–60 Hz, 220 –240V/50–60 Hz

No-Load speed

I (low) = 1900/min, II (high) = 2885 /min

Blade diameter

140mm (5.51”)

Mounting bore

2.44” (62mm)


38.6 lbs (17.5 kg)

Loading capacity of supports

1025 lbs (465 kg) 3 supports

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