Cut Bevel Blade

Cut and bevel plastic pipes in one process

The blade is designed to cut and bevel plastic pipes in one process. The blade is intended for plastic materials.

The bevelling tips can be reversed when worn to obtain a new sharp cutting edge and extend the blade lifetime even further.

Available in (2) different models

Blade model Cut Bevel blade 148 Cut Bevel blade 190
Max. wall thickness 22 mm (0,86″) 40 mm (1,65″)
Fits machine models P400, P1000 P1000
Suitable for cutting and beveling


Technical specification

Pipe material


Machine type

PC P1000, PC P400

Dimensions (mm)

148 x 62 x 2/30 x 40/8, 190 x 62 x 2/30 x 45/8

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