Exact PipeCut+Bevel 460 Pro Series

Pipe cutting and beveling machine for cast iron & plastics

Exact PipeCut+Bevel 460 Pro Series is a cutting and beveling machine for water & sewer pipelines. The Cut+Bevel happens simultaneously in just one process. Suitable for cast iron and plastic pipes. Equipped with the best diamond disc on the market.

The PipeCut+Bevel 460 is identical to the PipeCut+Bevel 360 model, but with wider cutting capacity.

You can easily choose the bevel length and depth with the machine’s adjustments. You can even adjust the bevel depth during the cutting process.

The machine is extremely easy and safe to use, and revolutionizes the way how cast iron pipes are being worked on. Thanks to the machine’s portability and mobility, you can carry the machines to where the pipe is, instead of bringing the pipe to the machine.

The patented gripping unit ensures firm attachment to the pipe and makes the use of machine convenient. The machine package comes with pipe supports that are placed on the ground and for the pipe to be placed upon.

Additionally, you can order a special blade guard featured with a vacuum port (when cutting cast iron with concrete layer and plastics) to easily vacuum all the small dust/chips and take the user-friendliness to the next level.

Did you know?

The machine package includes an additional blade guard and (TCT) saw blade, when changed to the machine, the machine works the same way as the regular PipeCut 460 Pro Series model.

When changed, the machine can be used to cut all other pipe materials, such as steels, stainless steel, copper, multi-layer, plastic, aluminum.

However, you need to use a separately orderable (CERMET or INOX) blade for cutting of challenging materials such as stainless steel and acid-proof stainless steel.

The cutting and beveling feature only works for cast iron and plastic pipes.

The price includes

  1. Exact PipeCut+Bevel 460 Pro Series pipe cutting and beveling machine
  2. PipeCut Bag PS
  3. Pipe Support 1x Double and 2x Single and tool for changing blade in the bag
  4. Operating instructions
  5. Hex socket key 5 mm and 2 mm fitted to the machine
  6. Cermet 165 blade and specific blade guard for it
  7. Diamond Cut Bevel disc 165 mm and specific blade guard for it

Technical specification

Pipe OD

100mm – 460mm (4”- 18”)

Max. wall thickness

12mm (0.5") steel / 110V, 20mm (0.8”) steel / 230V

Pipe material

Cast iron, Ductile (nodular cast iron), Plastic, Stainless/Inox steel, Steel

Laser for cutting point definition


Traffic lights for overheat control


No-Load speed

I=1900 r/min, II=2885 r/min

Mounting bore

62mm (2.44”)

Electronical unit

Blade speed preselection, automatic fuse, soft start, torque control

Speed preselection

I = Stainless steel II = Cut+Bevel function and all other materials

Loading capacity of supports

465 kg, 1025 lb (3 supports)

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