Case “Exact underwater”

A success story from Stockholm’s Slussen bridge construction

Exact Underwater – Pneumatic Pipe Cutting

Exact 360 AIR is not only designed for cast iron but it is also capable of cutting steel and plastics, you just need to select the correct blade.

You can use all of our regular blades with the AIR model and do the job – underwater!

Exact 360 AIR machine has been a successful solution in Stockholm’s Slussen bridge renovation project, where there were pipes that needed to be cut at 8 meters deep in sea water.

The divers previously had a problem to get straight pipe ends while cutting underwater, their solution at the time, a gas torch, just did not make the desirable result. The unsatisfying result of melted metal naturally required a lot of time-consuming finishing work to be weld-ready which caused an increase in labor hours leading to a high expenses to the project.

That is when the EXACT 360 AIR was introduced as a solution to help finish the project smoothly and to avoid unnecessary costs and cut time.

The divers cut the pipes with Exact 360 AIR which uses compressed air as a power source. In the beginning one problem came up, “pumping effect”, due to the blade requiring high amount of power with long hoses not delivering enough pressure that deep underwater.

The problem was solved by changing the blade to our Cermet 140 THIN which has thinner teeth and therefore requires less energy to cut. Exhaust air was delivered to surface through a long hose fitted into the exhaust port to increase air flow as much as possible.

After creative problem solving and on the job learning, the Exact 360 AIR made a breakthrough in the project and showed its superiority through its’ work.

Now divers can work safely, quickly and accurately by using our innovative product for their highly demanding work.

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