Product usage tip: How to cut steel pipe piles

How to cut and bevel steel pipe piles without having to sweat again

How to cut steel pipe piles fast, efficiently and safely? Exact pipe saws, especially the ‘Pro Series’ product family are superior power tools in cutting pipe piles both vertically and horizontally. Precise cutting and light-weight usage makes the work easy, even for the heaviest heavy-duty pipes.

With Exact pipe saws the cutting of pipes in a straight line is conventional. The new Pro Series product family includes a new feature of laser pointer for easy measuring of the cutting point. This feature helps working with the pipe cutting and if a possible adjustment is needed.

Exact pipe saws are the choice of many pipe piling contractors worldwide, regardless of the need to cut pipe vertically or horizontally.





How to bevel the pipe, how to finish the pipe end?

Additionally, Exact pipe bevellers suit very well to pipe piling projects. Finish your pipe end with our pipe beveller that is specifically suited for stainless steel and steel pipes.

Thanks to the innovative gripping unit, the machine is easy to attach to a pipe and likewise to the pipe saws, the working is incredibly light-weight. The beveller’s cutting head has three bevel tips, each tip has four different sharpened edges. The cutting head is available in most commonly used bevel angles (30°, 37,5° and 45°). The bevel tips (stainless) are available in one quality (the best of course), including 3 pieces in a set.


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