Exact PipeCut 360 Pro Series

Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutting Saw

Exact PipeCut 360 Pro Series is intended for heavy-duty pipe cutting. Suitable for all pipe materials. Portable and easily transportable.

The set-up is fast and simple. The clean and user-friendly design makes it fast to mount on pipe sizes 3”- 14” and up with a maximum wall thickness of 0.8” for steel, 2” for plastics.

Exact PipeCut 360 Pro Series is the first and most popular pipe saw of the Pro Series product family. The machine is intended for professionals that appreciate easiness, fast cutting and accurate, straight cutting results. The machine creates only minimum amount of sparks and all in all is an extremely safe tool to use thanks to the user-friendly design.


  • Much stronger 2500W 230V / 15 AMPS 110V motor
  • Electronics protecting the motor from overload and “traffic lights” guiding the operator
  • Laser indicator for precise cutting
  • Improved adjustment mechanism for straight cutting
  • Professional quality – Made in EU
  • Cuts steel pipes with wall thickness up to 20 mm / 0.5″

Standard equipment:

  1. Exact PipeCut 360 Pro Series pipe saw
  2. Pipe Supports 1 x Double, 2 x Small
  3. Operating instructions
  4. Hex socket key 5 mm and 2 mm fitted to the machine
  5. Cermet 165 blade fitted to the machine

Technical specification

Pipe cutting capacity (OD)

3” to 14” (75mm – 360mm)

Max. wall thickness

0.5" (12mm) Steel / 110V, 0.8” (20mm) Steel / 230V, 2” (45mm) Plastic

Pipe material

Cast iron, Copper, Ductile (nodular cast iron), Glass fiber, Multi-layered materials, Plastic, Stainless/Inox steel, Steel

Laser for cutting point definition


Traffic lights for overheat control


No-Load speed

I=1900 r/min, II=2885 r/min

Mounting bore

2.44” (62mm)


38.6 lbs (17.5 kg)

Loading capacity of supports

1025 lbs (465 kg) 3 supports


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