Exact PipeCut+Bevel AIR 360

Pneumatic Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine

Exact PipeCut+Bevel AIR 360 is a completely air-driven pipe saw for cutting and beveling cast iron and ductile pipes in one process.

Mainly designed for assembled pipes in a ditch, but it can be also used on the pipe supports like any other Exact pipe saw.

Initially designed for the main purpose of cutting cement lined cast iron pipes for repair and maintenance applications in the water utility market sector. However, the saw has been also used in deep underwater pipe cutting projects.

  • Cut and bevel cast iron & ductile pipes in one process
  • Can also be used only for cutting of any material
  • Adjust cutting depth for any pipe material(s), even during the cutting
  • Suitable for pipes that are enscapsulated with water
  • Suitable for cutting pipes deep underwater
  • Can also be used on the pipe supports like any other Exact pipe saw

How PipeCut+Bevel AIR 360 model differs from the regular PipeCut model?

This machine includes cutting depth adjustment, special disc & blade guard which empowers the machine to:

  • Make a cut and get a nice clean bevel at the same time. Cut+Bevel option is suitable for cast iron and ductile pipes.
  • Get more steel pipe cuts. Significantly improved steel cutting with the 130 mm saw blade we invented for this purpose (separately orderable).

For greater cutting depth, there is an option to purchase 180 mm blades

  • Diamond X180 disc for cast iron & ductile pipe cutting
  • ALU 180 saw blade for plastic and aluminum pipe cutting

Price includes

  1. PipeCut+Bevel AIR 360 pipe saw
  2. Wrench with push stick
  3. A small funnel to fit into the oil inlet hole
  4. 5mm Allen Key for the oil port

Not included in the standard equipment

  1. Air swivel connection
  2. Saw blade or diamond disc
  3. Air tool oil VGA 32

Technical specification

Pipe cutting capacity (OD)

3” to 14” (75mm – 360mm)

Max. wall thickness

1.8“ (45mm) Cast iron, 1.8“ (45mm) Plastic

Pipe material

Aluminum, Cast iron, Ductile (nodular cast iron), Glass fiber, Plastic, Stainless/Inox steel, Steel


4.6 HP / 3,4 KW

Required Air pressure

6 bar / 90 psi, 4,5 m3 /min

Blade diameter

180mm (7.09“)

Mounting bore

2.44” (62mm)


59 lbs (26.7 kg)




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